20 Jul “I went to camp to make friends, but I ended up with family”

“I went to camp to make friends, but I ended up with family”

It’s finally summer break, which is the most fun time of the year because that means it’s time for ESP summer camp. We are so excited to welcome over 400 campers this summer, which is the most we have ever had. In a few short days week one of camp will begin and the campers will be taking part in various activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, and various outdoor sports. These camps create special memories for everyone that will last a lifetime. We are beyond overjoyed that we are able to bring the joy of camp to so many people, but we could never have done it without such supportive fans.

Also, over at ESP we have been working very hard to make our Miracle League happen. Everyday over the past few months we have been getting closer and closer to reaching our goal and once again we could never done this without our fans. This started off as a dream and before we knew it, it has turned into our reality of providing every child the chance to play baseball.

“We’re a baseball family. Growing up, Dakota watched his brother, Austin, play Little League and travel ball. He went to every game and helped as team manager. He was always included in the excitement of baseball, but he never got to play. Now, finally, through Miracle League, Dakota will get to be a part of a real baseball team. His brother will get to come cheer him on. It’s really special to see this dream come true for him.” -Vicki Sykora, Dakota’s mom