17 Aug “There’s no fear when you’re having fun.”

 “There’s no fear when you’re having fun.”

Even though our Grand Slam Summer is coming to an end, we will always have the many firsts that happened this summer, the many new friendships, and the many new memories. A lot has gone on during the last month here at ESP! Our ESP Club group had their field trip week which included trips to the water park, Atlanta Zoo, tubing in Helen, and to see the Lion King. We also had our last two weeks of day camp and our NKA CTL overnight camp! This summer we were able to serve even more participants and see even more smiles because of fans like YOU! Some of our participants shared their favorite memories from camp and what made their summer so special… 

“ My favorite memory of ESP is the cool river tubing at Helen during travel week and the ice cream afterwards.” – Hannah Shoemaker

“My favorite memory is spend the night camp when I get to go down the big water slide!”- Kardell Downs

“I had so much fun at CTL and made many new friends. My favorite part was the talent show and horseback riding”- Zoey Kramer

Also this month, we had our ESP prom! Everyone was dressed in their best attire, ready for a night full of dancing. SO many memories were made this past month between camp and prom. 

Even though summer is coming to an end, our after-school 360 programs will be starting soon in the fall! The fun never stops around here at ESP!