Inspiring Our Next Generation

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”

It is at the forefront of our mission to create experiences for our participants to thrive. But, it also an extension of this mission to teach others in our community to love and appreciate people with disabilities. This month, ESP launched a new program to engage a specific group of powerful supporters… kids!


ESP Lemonade Leaders is a program for third through sixth-grade students who commit to hosting a lemonade stand in support of ESP while also engaging in a five-week training program around topics like ability awareness, servant leadership, entrepreneurship, and more. Fifteen students committed to learn and lead their peers this month, and share with us their reasons for wanting to become Lemonade Leaders:


I want to be a Lemonade Leader…


“So I can be brave like the ESP participants!” – Hagan, 3rd grade


“To help people with disabilities!” – Julia, 3rd grade


“Because I am good at working with the campers and want to help!” – McLaren, 4th grade

Your fandom is truly what inspired this program ― your example of continued support, visible advocacy, and an unwavering heart for our participants lead us to spread this message to our youngest leaders. Our next generation is our future. We are so honored to work with these incredible children as they grow in their understanding of people of all abilities and use their voice to advocate for others.


Thank you for all you do in sharing our mission with others and serving as leaders for our children.




Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development

(706) 769-9333


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