April 2019

For the Little Ones…


Family: where life begins and love never ends.


As you know, being part of the ESP community means you are part of the ESP family. As our family continues to grow, we are especially thankful for the opportunities YOUR support has provided – opportunities that allow us to welcome every child and family with open arms. Most recently, this has included an opportunity to embrace even our youngest members in a way we have yet to imagine possible, until now. 


Our newest program, ESPlay, is a playgroup for kids under the age of 4 held each week. This has provided a space for new parents of children with disabilities to be included in the ESP family instantly, regardless of how young their children are. Although 4 years of age is the typical requirement for ESP programs, ESPlay invites these little ones to explore the place our participants call “home”, while giving parents a community of love and support in a season of new, unknown challenges.


So again, thank YOU, Fans, for being part of our family in a way that allows us to integrate new families so uniquely into ESP through programs such as ESPlay. Your generous support is the love that never ends! Our family would not be complete without YOU, so we are incredibly honored to have you alongside us as we continue to expand our ever-growing family.


Thank you for being our incredible Fans,


Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development



(706) 769-9333


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April 1, 2019


Your Impact

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