December 2018

A Season of Joy


“For it is in giving that we recieve.” – Francis of Assisi 


As Christmas is upon us and we begin to wrap up our year with a few more holiday festivities, so comes the end of our fall 360 programs, but what an INCREDIBLE journey of joy and growth it has been… Thanks to YOU, our greatest supporters.


One sweet example from our ESPublishers class: our participants each had the chance to work on creating an “All About Me” book over the past 12 weeks. Each day, excitement continued as they were able to explore their interests, favorite things, dreams for the future, and overall discover and grow to love who they are. What a joy it was to see our participants’ faces light up upon receiving their months-long efforts enclosed in a neatly bound book to cherish for years to come!


Your role in this journey of growth is truly invaluable. Providing this space of joy, community and celebration is the greatest gift we can provide for our participants and their families, especially during this holiday season. 


Since the start of the 360 semester in September, we have had the honor of welcoming 68 new families into our ESP family! A few years ago we never would have imagined being able to serve so many more participants in such a short period of time. For Miracle League, we are already nearly halfway to our goal of Lighting Up Our League this holiday season! It is your continuous support that has allowed us to achieve such astounding opportunities for our families. 


Thank you for continuing to give in honor of growing our mission and spreading joy to the lives of so many. We couldn’t do it without our Fans!




Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development

(706) 769-9333


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December 1, 2018


Your Impact

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