December Impact

“Be grateful for the small things, big things, and everything in between.”

To us, sending our children to an afterschool program may seem like a small thing, and one that is surely easy to come by… or, making plans for our families to attend a community festival during the holidays or to visit a park and have our kids play on the playground. These small things to us are often not so small and easy to come by for our families. At ESP, we work each and every day to provide these moments to our participants and turn them into much bigger moments than they may often seem. As reflected by a new parent after her first ESP event just last month:


“As I sit and reflect on today’s event I’m in tears of sheer joy! Tonight was the first time my my son could be a kid with others just like him! I didn’t need to worry about people looking as he had a meltdown and judging him, I didn’t need to tell him no because he was too small or weak to do something. Instead I found myself repeating ‘What should we do next?’, ‘Of course, we can do that!’ Thank you so much for giving us this amazing memory! This was our first event and I can wholeheartedly say it won’t be our last!! Thank you again!!”


It is for these moments, both small and big, that we are incredibly grateful to you. As a Fan Club member, you help us create these “typical” experiences for children and adults with disabilities throughout the year and ensure that each of our participants simply gets to be a kid and experience the world just like everyone else.


January 3, 2018


Your Impact