February 2019

Big Dreams, Big Hearts


“Every home run begins with a dream… until we build up some courage, step up to plate, and swing.” – Luciana


This month, we celebrate the heart of ESP and the reason you all continue to cheer: our participants! Big Hearts is the most heartwarming night of the year, where our participants have the chance to share their gifts and abilities with the community and shine on stage.


This is the night that kicks off our year and reminds us of who we’re cheering for. This is the night that we swing for that home run that was once a dream… Four years ago, Big Hearts marked the beginning of a team of Fans dedicated to cheering for our participants alongside every pitch, every curveball, and every victory. Your unending support has been the gift that has given us the courage to continue to pursue ESP’s vision for people of all abilities to have access to transformative experiences that change all lives for the better.


Thank YOU for stepping up to the plate to make dreams come true for the kids and families who deserve it the most. We can’t wait to hit a home run with you this year as get closer to building our very own Miracle League Complex and give the gift of baseball to kids and adults of all abilities.


Thank you, Fans, for dreaming with us and swinging big!


Batter up,


Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development



(706) 769-9333


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February 1, 2019


Your Impact

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