January Impact

“Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss joy is to miss it all.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson


The past year was a transformative year for ESP. As we went through our journey in 2016, we continued to find and bring to life the joy that resided within each of our participants. And as we enter into a new year, it is our goal to find even more joy for the individuals who deserve it most.


In 2017, ESP will:


  • Send 100 more kids to camp
  • Spread the love of our participants through Java Joy
  • Provide transportation to programs for participants in Clarke and Madison county
  • Dream of the future of a fully-accessible summer camp


And continue to grow your impact


We are so excited to continue this journey with you, our unwavering fans. As you continue to give, you will continue to help ESP find more joy and do more for individuals of all abilities.


January 21, 2017


Your Impact