July 2018

There’s No Place Like Camp

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

As the first half of the summer comes to a close, we have the chance to reflect on the true magic of camp. June concluded with a week of overnight camp for our Club campers ages 4 to 17 ― a time for so many to spend their first ever nights away from home! Not only do our campers get to experience those one-of-a-kind cabin moments next to their friends, but overcome their fears in so many other firsts. Our campers went horseback riding and rock climbing, while counselors and other campers shared shouts of encouragement or quiet words of consolation. What may have started as reluctance turned into pure happiness and growth. Campers went zip lining, swimming, and paddling, putting their fears to the side and embracing the excitement of these activities many had never experienced before.


Your gift creates these transformative first moments for our campers. You help create the magic of camp and these continued one-of-a-kind moments year after year. You are the encourager alongside our campers, cheering them on each and every summer.


These many firsts would not be possible with you,


Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development



(706) 769-9333


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October 29, 2018


Your Impact

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