March 2019

One Team


“A successful team beats with one heart.” – Sarah-Jane Redmond


As we reflect on the absolute HOME RUN that was Big Hearts at Bat 2019, we are left in awe of each of the incredible players who come together as one team to make dreams come to life at ESP…


  • Our courageous participants and their families, who inspire us to step up to plate each day, even in the challenges they may face
  • Our Java Joy Joyristas, who spread joy with every cup of coffee and fuel each day with a smile
  • Our endlessly supportive community members who volunteer their time, energy, and gifts to make every event a magical, memorable experience for our families
  • And finally, YOU, our most dedicated Fans, who provide the continuous support that allows our mission to flourish, as we grow, and strive to build our Miracle League dream


We could not be more honored to have you on our team as our Fan Club. Thank you for choosing to cheer for the most deserving kids, every step of the way along our journey. You help provide every opportunity for our participants’ abilities to shine and for them to say, “yes I can!” with confidence.


As our dream to build the ESP Miracle League is on the horizon, we are so excited to have you on our team, continuing to cheer, and allowing our participants’ dreams come to life.


Thank you, Fans, for being invaluable players on the team we know we can always count on. 


All the best,


Ashley Hilmer

Coordinator of Development

(706) 769-9333


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March 1, 2019


Your Impact

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