March Impact

“Freedom lies in being bold.”


Years ago, ESP set out to host a “pageant for kids with special needs” not knowing if anyone would attend… last month, we showcased 65 individuals of all abilities at a sold out Classic Center of more than 2,000 seats at our 11th annual event.


Our participants dressed to the nines as they danced, rapped, tackled football players, told jokes, played piano, lead sing alongs to their favorite rhymes, and so much more, to a cheering crowd of community members who dedicated their Saturday to embracing and loving individuals with disabilities. Additionally, more than 600 volunteers came together to make this magical night possible. In the same way our participants were bold in showcasing their abilities on stage, our community was bold in the ways they encouraged and supported this special night:


“This year’s Big Hearts was my first ever experience with ESP and honestly my heart has never been happier to see all of the participants feel so confident and show their talents to so many who love and admire them! Thank you to everyone for making this event so special for them!” – First Time ESP Volunteer


“This year being a buddy was one of the greatest experiences and seeing all the hard work that goes into making the pageant a successful event blew my mind!” – Returning ESP Volunteer

“It’s been amazing to see the transformation of this pageant. There were a few hundred people there at the first one I was involved with and now they’re selling out the place and the banquet is gigantic. It’s an unbelievable event.” – Aaron Murray, Big Hearts MC and Advocate

As a Fan Club member, you are part of this bold community. You are a supporter that encourages the bold ideas of ESP and embraces the abilities of our participants time and time again. Freedom lies in being bold, and there is so much freedom knowing we are surrounded by a community who loves and cherishes individuals with disabilities just like we do.

Thank you for being bold. And thank you for helping us create this magical night.



April 1, 2018


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