March Impact

They believed they could – and they did.


Last month, the night of Big Hearts surpassed all of our expectations. Audience members left the show feeling a few more ounces of belief; that our story should be shared with their 1st grade class, or that our story was created just for them and their family. We would like to share with you an experience of one of our ESP parents as she watched our Tail of Belief:


“I saw some of the youngest hula hooping their way into the crowds heart. I saw the real Superman have a voice without actually speaking, heard true angels sing and saw the biggest sports fans make passes to and take college and pro football players. I heard sass and confidence. I witnessed a young lady and her dance partner glide across the stage to Beauty and the Beast. I saw a sparrow find his own ability. I saw the performers dance their hearts out while they told a story of belief. I heard their sweet voices as they read the narration. I witnessed speaking lines memorized and delivered with character. And I fell in love with Big Hearts newest and best ever MC, who we all for obvious reasons call Coolman.


But of all of this, the best thing I saw was a group of individuals who cheer each other on and truly believe in themselves and each other. I wish I could be more like them. They are the one who have it figured out.”


It is our fans like you that help us show our parents that we believe in them and believe in their child. It is because of you that our ESP families can witness the beauty of this fandom and feel the support of our community through shared laughter, shared smiles, and shared cheers.


We thank you for touching the lives of so many of our ESP families and helping us create more of these stories of impact.


March 30, 2017


Your Impact