November Impact

“Don’t aspire to be the best on the team. Aspire to be the best for the team.”


One year ago, as 65 participants ran onto UGA’s practice field, they were embraced by the joy and love of their favorite football players. Win or lose, our participants are some of the BIGGEST fans of the Dawgs. And while we watched this beautiful afternoon unfold, something amazing happened…

One player was asked, “How does it feel to have these kids as your biggest fan?”

His response? “Well after today, I have to say that I’m THEIR biggest fan.”


And just like that, the ESP Fan Club was born. And YOU joined us in creating transformative experiences for individuals of all abilities. You became the best player for the ESP team. And just one year later, because of the amazing support of our fan base, 100 participants got to spend time with their favorite team again…but this time at Sanford Stadium!


Check out the many smiles you created at Sanford Stadium


Each month, your membership helps ESP create these magical experiences and continue to make them better and serve more of the kids who deserve it most.
We are so grateful for you, our unwavering fans.


November 30, 2016


Your Impact