October Impact

I’m going to be really honest for a minute – when I accepted the Development Intern position with ESP, I had never even volunteered before. Sure, I’d heard of it, having friends work at summer camps and afterschool programs. But I’d never really experienced it for myself.

Even once I began working for ESP, most of my work is in the office, giving me few chances to get to know the participants I’ve been working so hard for! Bulldogs & Buddies really showed me why I love ESP and how proud I am to work with them.

On October 20th, I got to hang out with Abby and Valerie and cheer on the Dawgs in Sanford Stadium! From the moment I stepped into the stadium, I felt palpable excitement and positive energy. Volunteers and participants alike were equally pumped, making me feel super comfortable to be myself and just enjoy the moment.

Abby and Valerie could hardly wait to get out on the field and meet the players. Sitting in the stadium and watching the players practice made the anticipation grow and grow! Everyone was buzzing with delight; it was so contagious.

Once practice was over, we called the Dawgs as loud as we could, then ran out onto the field! Everyone was laughing and cheering and just thrilled to be there. I loved seeing the joy on Abby’s and Valerie’s faces when a player gave them a hug and signed their autograph books.

Bulldogs & Buddies helped me to see more clearly what I work so hard for. It can be easy to sit in the office and separate myself from what’s going on outside. Being around the participants, volunteers, and staff at Bulldogs & Buddies showed me how, in the end, everyone is working for the same thing. We’re all just being fans for those who need it the most (and of course, fans of the Dawgs!) Woof woof!

Amanda McMillon, Development Intern


October 31, 2016


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